FinCord – Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Company Offering Good Investment Opportunities

In today’s world of commercialization and globalization, where corporate and companies are preoccupied by a plethora of things, there are a very few people who know about the nuances of finance, the type of financial services that can be rendered etc. Many people are clueless when they come across the terms ‘Financial planning and Wealth management’ and do not know what comes under its context.


Financial planning is a process of setting objectives, assessing assets and resources, estimating future financial needs, and making plans to achieve monetary goals. Financial Planning can be as simple or complex as you make it, but no matter how you create your plan if you follow it, you’ll be on your way to Financial Independence.


Indian Growth story is irresistible for investors. After global slowdown, developed economies are still struggling to recover; Indian economy is on fast track hoping to achieve double digit growth in near future.


This spectacular growth has attracted many investors to India. Within India also it has led to overall increase of disposable income & savings of Indian people who looking for better investment avenues.


That’s where financial planning services come into play. The aim of these services is to aid the client so that he can achieve the best financial benefits in the most objective and well detailed manner which is planned under the guidance of a financial adviser.


FinCord is a privately held company established by NRI’s & local Indian promoters who are highly qualified like MBA’s CPAs ICWA & have deep knowledge of Investment & market analysis. Our aim is Financial Counseling to improve over all life of investors by making them tension free.


FinCord is to cater expert advisory services to Corporate as well as retail investors. FinCord is established to play the intermediate role and drive the successful business to a better, brighter and more promising future.


It aims to establish as a one stop financial store for retail investors & comprehensive financial solutions provider to corporate investors. Services to NRI’s & crossover investment opportunities are core of business.


FinCord Vision is to provide comprehensive financial solutions under one roof to retail & corporate customers based on extensive research, expert financial advice & quality service.


FinCord has been helping people to realize their aspirations by making their wealth grow, and planning their financial lives. Bajaj Capital offers advice on Investments, Insurance, Tax Saving, Retirement Planning, Future Planning for Children and many more.